Ev ent marketing as a INNO VATI VE tool of influence on consumers

Kateryna Valeriivna Pichyk, National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy

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The article discusses the character and classification of event-marketing as a modern innovative tool for the success of a competitive enterprise and presents the algorithm for event-making and defining performance criteria calls for the development of an effective development strategy in the current economic conditions.



event marketing; event, creative; advertising; marketing communications effectiveness


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Pichyk, K. (2016). Ev ent marketing as a INNO VATI VE tool of influence on consumers. Scientific Papers NaUKMA. Economics, 1(1), 145-148.

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Pichyk Kateryna. Ev ent marketing as a INNO VATI VE tool of influence on consumers // Scientific Papers NaUKMA. Economics. - 2016. - Vol. 1, N. 1. - P. 145-148.



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