Parallel import is an important mechanism of competitive relations existence

Lubov Hryhorivna Kuzmenko, National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy

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The article discusses the problems of introduction of parallel import of medicines. The article reveals the problematic and unresolved issues regarding the introduction of parallel import mechanism as a way of implementing the principles of free trade and free competition. It proves the need for a more transparent and effective mechanism for implementation of parallel imports of medicines. It examines some possible ways to improve implementation of parallel import of pharmaceutical products and to ensure its economic availability to consumers as an important mechanism for the existence of a competitive market for medicines. 

The author describes a possibility of legal justification for parallel import, which appeared with the concept’s development of international exhaustion of intellectual property, which is used for the following purposes: restriction of monopolistic activity; preventing the separation of the market; ensuring the free circulation of goods on the market. The suggestions are made for the development of transparent and clear procedures for admission of medicines to the market, which would eliminate the arbitrary approach, the emergence of a “preferred distributor” and, as a consequence a possible corruption component.


parallel import; competition; medicines; pharmaceutical market; prices.


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