Do Ukrainians Vote With Their Feet: Local Public Expenditures and Inter-Regional Migration

Olha Vasylivna Kupets, National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy

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This paper explores whether Ukrainians "vote with their feet" by migrating to the regions with rela­tively higher regional-level per capita public expenditures on education, healthcare services and social assistance. Using the data on inter-regional residential migration flows in 2002-2013 and controlling for the differences in relative wages and unemployment, the population density, the share of young people and air pollution in a multiple regression model, it tries to test the validity of the Tiebout hypothesis in Ukraine. The results lend some support for this hypothesis when Kyiv City is included in the sample of regions, but not in a smaller sample without the capital city. Brief policy implications regarding fiscal decentralization and promotion of internal migration in Ukraine conclude the paper


internal migration; the Tiebout hypothesis


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