Financial integration and macroeconomic sustainability: a sector approach to access to finance and the pre-crisis growth model

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Available online 06.12.2016    205
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Analysis of Ukraine's economic growth sensitivity to the prices on global agricultural markets

Olena Volodymyrivna Bazhenova
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Organizational and Economic Fundamentals of Coverage of Railway

Olena Yakivna Bazilinska, Olena Ivanivna Panchenko
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Value Co-creation Management: Aspects of Students’ Involvement at Uk rainian Universities

Olga Kostiantynivna Voropai
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Monetary Strategy: Threads in Ukrainian Economy

Svitlana Vasylivna Gluschenko
Available online 18.11.2016    60
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Country Risk Analysis - problems of Comparative Analysis

Henadiy Array Hryhoriev
Available online 18.11.2016    218
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Modern instruments of digital marketing in the system of integrated marketing communications

Oleksandra Vitaliivna Gumenna
Available online 18.11.2016    108
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Modelling of the Ukrainian monetary sector using dynamic system of simultaneous equations

Pervin Array Dadashova
Available online 18.11.2016    89
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Socially Responsible Investing as a Promising Direction of the Investment Activity: the Nature and Trends

Dmytro Anatoliiovych Diakovsky
Available online 18.11.2016    63
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Infrastructural analysis of monetary transmission in Ukraine under economic instability

Vasyl Mykhailovych Zhuk
Available online 18.11.2016    63
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Characteristic singularities of risk management in the microcredititng segment

Andriy Borysovych Kaminskyi
Available online 18.11.2016    77
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Parallel import is an important mechanism of competitive relations existence

Lubov Hryhorivna Kuzmenko
Available online 19.11.2016    29
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The Uk rainian Labor Market Investigation with the Use of System Dynamics Methods

Iryna Hryhorivna Lukianenko, Alina Yuriivna Novik
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Conceptual Modelling of Organizations

Eduard Anatoliiovych Maltsev
Available online 18.11.2016    39
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Promising lines of financial mechamisms to achieving the sustainable development goals by 2030

Maryna Eduardivna Marianovych
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Informal Employment in Uk raine: 2007 Survey Application

Oksana Valentynivna Nezhyvenko
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Methods for regional clusters economic systems modelling comparison

Danylo Andriiovych Pyrogov
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Ev ent marketing as a INNO VATI VE tool of influence on consumers

Kateryna Valeriivna Pichyk
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The role of national innovation system in the internationalization of innovations

Nataliia Mykhailivna Rylach
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Evolutionary development of the finance and stability of the modern financial market

Yuriy Mykilaiovych Sapachuc
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Conceptual Aspects of Strategic Management Results of Inductrial Enterprises

Yuriy Mykolaiovych Safonov, Eugene Ivanovych Maslennikov, Olga Valeriivna Poberezhets
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Shadow Labor Market Analysis Within Computable General Equilibrium Model of Ukrainian Economy

Andriy Olegovych Shkurykhin
Available online 18.11.2016    59
pp. 172-176
ISSN: 2519-4747 (online); 2519-4739 (print)